LED Moon Light With Microwave Sensor MF-XD-300Y18

LED Moon Light With Microwave Sensor MF-XD-300Y18

      1. led Ceiling Light with microwave sensor
2. Ceiling Mounted Suspended.
3. Auto Switch on/off when motion activated/ motionless
4. High sensitivity within 6-8 meters distance
5. Energy-efficient, Eco friendly, Easy to install.
6. Low power consumption.
7. Much more effective than previous PIR sensors

8. Use as an emergency LED Ceiling light. Even the power is off, you can turn off or turn on the switch to make the emergency led ceiling light off or on.
9. Emergency Spec: 350lm/5w





LED Spec. Power (W) Dimension (mm) Voltage(V)

Luminous Flux(LM)

  MF-XD-190Y4   18pcs* SMD2835   4W   Φ190*H90     AC90-265V     200-250lm
  MF-XD-190Y7   36pcs* SMD2835   7W   Φ190*H90   AC90-265V   320-430lm
MF-XD-230Y12 with Retrofit module   24pcs* SMD2835   12W   Φ230*H90   AC90-265V     600-840lm
MF-XD-300Y15 with Retrofit module   30pcs* SMD5730   15W   Φ300*H90   AC90-265V   900-1200lm
MF-XD-300Y18 with Retrofit module   36pcs* SMD5730   18W   Φ300*H90   AC90-265V   1100-1300l